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Light-based Relaxation + Inspirational Space Plan

Light Library


Konkuk Univ.

School project


2 Design Undergraduates



Space planning,



5 months

00 Overview

Problem &

Design Questions

  "How can people get real light   and life back?"  

Solution & Goals

01 What I did

Research Methods

  • Secondary research

  • Field research

  • Light experts interview

Space Concept Design

  • Light & Space concept design based on light temperature

  • Furniture selection for each room

  • Human traffic flow

Space Plans



02 What I learnt

Sense of human scale


Considering environment

Branding a space

Understanding human scale by designing a large structure that is not easily felt in graphic or product design

Consider the entrance of the building or the direction of the window is well harmonized with the surrounding environment and context. 

Many details such as lighting, furniture, and space layout of the room are brought out from a brand concept

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