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Anonymous + Accessible Teletherapy Ecosystem

Microsoft Design Expo 2020



Design Expo



UW, Seattle

MDes 2019

(4 design graduates)



UX/UI designer,



4 months

00 Overview

Problem &

Design Question

How can we design a future mental health care system solving spatial, temporal, linguistic, or cost-related constraints?

Design Solution

A blockchain health data cloud


AI assistant


01 Quick Preview

02 What I did

Research Methods

  • Medical Expertise Interview

  • User Survey

  • Literature Research

  • Market research

Research Visualization

  • Keywords Board/Map

  • User Journey Map

Check this miro board to see the user journey and keyword map in detail

Project Goal


  • Prototype/Video Making

  • AI Identity Design

  • Ecosystem Diagram Design

03 Next step

Redesign brand book considering Accessibility of low vision people 

04 What I learnt

Future of Health Care

Understanding Blockchain System

Artificial Intelligent's possibility

Be aware of the limitations of different health care systems and laws across different states/nations.

Start to think how telemedicine would be applied to the future healthcare industry

Understand the concept of a block chain that many own segmented information.

Used Blockchain as a means of achieving full privacy which is a big challenge in the medical industry.

Understand the roles and functions that AI can perform.

Mainly, natural language communication frees communication with patients who lack medical expertise.

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