01 Defining Project


The Background

As the awareness of idol cheer culture increases, the demand for cheer tools is also increasing. The types of support tools are also varied.

The difference between the existing support tool and this support tool is to reveal the characteristics of a particular team and to serve as a multi-use or souvenir.



The Market

STP analysis


Target Market




Targeting people who enjoy fandom culture (including sports, concert, and K-pop idol) and positioning on combining type cheering tool which is not typical among cheering product market.


SWOT analysis




Threat ​

02 Defining design

Spring bottle

    + Cheer up ]

This cheering tool was designed with two elements (water and cheering tools) essential for passionate cheering.

Plastic bottle bottles are used as one-time elements to expand LED light and make a lively sound. The user uses the small LED handles in his hand, which contains the identity of the supporting team, in multiple turns.

With the above design, fans can perform both roles as memorabilia and simple support tools. It also facilitates collaboration with other companies such as bottled water companies.


How to provide

03 Defining design

3D Mock-up

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