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01 Defining Project


The Background

In a rapidly changing and developing world, a human being has become like a machine and like a part of this machine. In the past, during the early Industrial Revolution, we were comforted by the wealth we accumulated as we worked, but now it is a low-growth age. Workers in their 20s suffer Burnout Syndrome.

In addition, today's workers' keyword is 'Work-life balance' which means they need a balance between work and life. The closest and longest time to comfort these people is the house. Among them, the most comfortable friend is sofa. What if this couch understands and empathizes with my feelings? Our break will be more meaningful.


02 Defining

    Design Goal








When you get home from work and sit back on the couch to relax and get comforted. Through the process of behaving and feeling in the user's gaze, we seek more appropriate comfort and emotion.


자산 27.png
자산 28.png


and Sofa

As One]

When you want to get the peace of mind.

When you want to express anger so angry. When I feel lonely as if I am alone in the world.

A sofa
PASO that expresses sympathy and support in various textures in response to human expressions and actions.

03 Conclusion

    & Next Step

Prepare for

the IOT age

Internet of Things


In the Internet age that sharing and communicating information between objects, we have to rethink the functions of things (especially, furniture in the house).


We should study what they can do as a friend who can think by themselves and respond to human beings.

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