01 Defining Project


The Market

The number of newly established small business owners is increasing, but it is difficult to grow into many obstacles. In particular, there are many entrepreneurs who enter the business without an identity or a special strategy. Many entrepreneurs are suffering because they can not stand against large corporations.

Undergraduates of college of arts and physical education are increasing year by year, but it is not easy to show their ability. It is because companies are looking for an experienced person and it is difficult for SMEs to be recognized as a profession.

02 Defining

    Brand Goal

[ This means

connection in Korean ]

This is a brand that connects small businesses and new designers.


Based on the homepage, new designers have the opportunity to raise their portfolio to promote themselves and to gain hands-on experience. Having a career makes it easier for you to get a job at a company, and it makes it easier to find your identity.

Small businesses can find their own vulnerability, brand identity, and make a system or visual that shows it well. Therefore, it grows against large corporations, and coexists with the surrounding alley commercial area, and it has the competitiveness to survive.

Doing Practical Projects

03 Conclusion

    & Next Step

Making career starters (small businesses and budding designers) 
help each other 
and raise survivability of them in competitive and harsh market.


By doing so, we can build strong mutual growing system in the economy and career starters are able to strengthen their abilities without government's additional investment or other artificial force.

At the end, we are able to build a better world which everyone can present and grow by themselves.

Make A Better World

Small business

Budding designer

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