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The City

For Everyone

UD Guideline

Make the guideline to improve our daily life in the city comfortable and possible for everyone.



Konkuk Univ.

UX lab, research team (4)

3 assistant researchers + 1 lead professor


Assistant Researcher,

Visual designer


10 months

00 Overview

Problem &

Design Questions

  "How can we make

  the city for everyone?"  

Our society gets older and faster every day.

So we need to prepare and make our residence much easy and possible for everyone (the old, the infirm and disabled people).

Solution & Goals

Universal Design Guideline (Check-list book & Children Education book)

1. make list and book by finding proper and specialized elements through various research tools.

2. apply above things when planning, construction, and supervision of public construction, space, information, and service.

3. citizens can live in the city for everyone.


01 Design Process

design process




02 Defining Project

Aging rate

Korea has a faster rate of aging than any other country. In order to cope with rapid aging, appropriate countermeasures are needed.


Define UD

Designing a city that is convenient for all without distinguishing the elderly. Ultimately dreams of an equal society for all.



Field research

Identify the current city maintenance status of Seongbuk-gu and identify the UD that Seongbuk-gu needs.

Seongbuk-gu has a lot of stairs and ramps because the elevation difference of this city is severe. It is also a neighborhood where the elderly live more than the Seoul average.

자산 1.png
design goal

Value diagram

Three keywords were selected by identifying Seongbuk-gu's geographical characteristics and the nature of the citizens.

자산 .png

02 Design goal

자산 2.png

03 Final Design

Guideline Overview

final design

While the existing guidelines are somewhat burdensome and inconvenient for practitioners to use, the new guidelines have been adapted to work in checklists.

As in the first image, the contents are displayed as a single image at a glance. The table of contents is based on the Seongbuk - gu survey and contains the most necessary elements for Seongbuk - gu.

The following pages are a detailed checklist of the contents required for the supervision of the construction. Show these contents by an illustration at a glance.

UD Education Guideline for Children

Pilot project

The pilot project was carried out on the stairs which is the most uncomfortable factor of Seongbuk - gu.

Considering all visual information, safety, and convenience.

자산 26.png
자산 26.png

04 Conclusion


an equal society


The whole world as well as Korea will become aged. In this changing situation, we must prepare a countermeasure.

Because astronomical amounts are needed to care for the elderly, and it is the duty of the state to let them spend their happy old age.

UD, a design for everyone, makes it easier for everyone, not just the elderly, to live happier lives.


In addition, all of our humanity's aspirations will be a preparation for an equal society.


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