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Branding, Space, Research, Architecture, Interior | Model


Light-based Relaxation + Inspirational Space Plan

Light Library


Konkuk Univ.

School project


2 Design Undergraduates



Space planning,



5 months

00 Overview

Problem &

Design Questions

  "How can people get real light   and life back?"  

People today live under artificial light and they forget the real light flow.

However, people's daily sequence naturally follows the circulation of the sun

and they strongly affected by the light's color temperature and luminance.

Solution & Goals

The light-based space where people (especially office workers who work under the artificial light all day) can refresh themselves with the light and recover the light's real meaning.

Creating a comma like space for white-collar in the middle of a city.



01 Design Process

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The Problem


Today, office workers are living like mechanical parts and lose their own lives. Because they work under fluorescent lights that always produce the same light.

However, light has a different color temperature and brightness depending on time, weather, and space. People have acquired various experiences and information through natural light.

We must restore the true meaning of this light.


02 Defining Project

03 Design Goal

Concept diagram

design goal

Space to restore the meaning of light.

This space using light not only serves as an inspirational space, but also has the time to restore the meaning of light and to recover people who visit this place.



Existing Experience 

Light bulb study : We examined the available color temperature and brightness with existing bulbs.


03 Design Details

Site Analysis

There are a lot of office workers in this site. And we make space like a comma in this area.

design details
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Features by space

Apply different color temperature and brightness to each space.


Due to light's kellvin and luminance, it has different spatial characteristics and atmosphere, so the layout, size and furniture of space are different.

자산 16.png
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Section design

It consists largely of the ground and the basement.

On the ground, it consists of cafes and grass where you can enjoy the natural light. You can feel relaxed natural light and restore the property of light with time.

Underground is made up of spaces made of artificial light. It consists of four major parts, each with different light, spatial characteristics, and character, so you can know the meaning of light in a short time.

소재 도면.png

The main flow of human traffic

자산 1.png

Detailed space

In a room with a low color temperature, furniture that is independent and occupied by the atmosphere is arranged.

In the space of mid-color temperature, we arrange colorful furniture that can easy to talk together and play in a social atmosphere.

Finally, place the deformable furniture suitable for the seminar or presentation in the brightest color space.


04 Models


Light  Library



the meaning of natural light


04 Conclusion

As the world is industrialized by the Industrial Revolution, we live in a world that is increasingly urbanized and everything is artificially replaced.


Especially, the office workers who sit in the artificial light and space all day loses the meaning of light completely.


Unfortunately, Light has played an important role as clues to feel and sense time and emotion for us for a long time.

Therefore, let official workers find the meaning of light so that they have time to recall and recover a new inspiration.


Through this, we can work more creatively and efficiently, and the individual's life becomes happier.


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