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01 Defining Project



PEST analysis







Mothers who have lived for their children from the moment they became mothers. They feel depressed when their children grow up, leave home and out of their care. As well as going through menopause, these mothers are depressed.



02 Setting Design Goal

Concept diagram

This project was conducted with the idea that independent children at home had a telephone the most way to contact with their parents.


Treating the depression of the parents' generation by using a book with a topic that can comfort and support the parents and the archives that store this content.

자산 17.png

Information Architecture

Books and archives are linked using QR codes.

I use the simplest means to connect these because parents may have difficulty using digital media such as applications.

The stored data is placed in an alignment that can give insight.

자산 7.png

03 Design

자산 1_1.png


On the left page is the subject of the conversation that day. I have a pleasant conversation with my mother on this subject.

After finishing the conversation, or on the conversation, fill out the left page. This page is an incomplete page that you child needs to fill out.

How To Use

자산 10.png

Symbol 'Flower'

There is a symbol in this project.


This flower is made up of 21 different layers. You start with small seeds at first, but when you finish the 7 day * 3 week call, you can see the flower in full bloom.

This flower symbolize our mother who has becoming a beautiful flower.

자산 13.png
자산 12.png

04 Conclusion

    & Next Step



This project is subject to mothers who are suffering from menopausal depression and children who want to comfort them. But ultimately, it aims to resolve conflicts and depressions that have arisen in many relationships in our society, such as dads, grandparents, friends, and even the dogs that you grew up.

Depression is difficult to overcome on its own, and drugs have many side effects. The best way to treat this disease is to take care of the people around you.


I aim to improve awareness of depression and, eventually, to create a warmer world.

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