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👋 Hello,

I am a UX designer, Solji Lee.

Currently, I am studying Industrial + Interaction Design (master's degree) at UW, Seattle.


I dream of changing the world through design. This is possible because the design makes our everyday lives (health, economy, and education, etc) and creates a social impact. So, I enjoy thinking about the ways that I could make the world better by crossing any boundaries of different fields and thinking systemically.


Love to ❤️

find fancy coffee places☕️


play & learn new software🤓

facetime with my boy🥭

Fun facts of me ✌️

I was a short track speed skater when I was in elementary school and won a gold medal🥇 in a competition of the same age group


I am a dog person. My dog's name is mango, and his brothers having fruit names like blueberry, apple, etc.


I have 3D motion sick, so I can't play high-resolution 3D games. But love to make 3D motion graphics.


Big fan of cafe latte. I only drink hot latte even on hot days.

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