I am a UX designer, Solji Lee.

Currently, I am studying Design (master's degree) at UW, Seattle.


My dream is that changing the world through good design. This is possible because the design makes our everyday lives (health, economy, and education, etc) better and it is able to create a strong social impact. 


So, I enjoy thinking about the ways that I could make the world better by crossing any boundaries of different fields and thinking systemically.

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My point

of view looking at

the world

I think the design is a multi-disciplinary study for people. The reason for this definition is that as you can see from the diagram on the side, our physical distance has been narrowed according to the development of society, but the emotional or spiritual distance is far away than ever. 


In order to achieve a connection, I have aimed to be a Renaissance type human being which means that to be a designer who understands, engages and takes responsibility for all processes of design and all kinds of design. 


Moreover, If a design should take into account all social backgrounds, changes, and people like the above statement, we need more in-depth research and perspective. about our lives and society. 

Interested in what you see?

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