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Hello🤟, I'm UX/Product Designer
Solji Lee

I'm a visual problem solver who has a passion for end-to-end user experience through digital products(App/web, Animation, 3D model, etc)👊 Agile Prototyping is my biggest weapon.

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UX Design | Mobile App

ezAccess Control List
UX Design | Laptop App

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End-to-end UX Design | Mobile App


Universal Access towards AV-taxis
Universal Design | Design Thesis (master's)

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VIVA Design for Health
UX Design, Design Research | Ecosystem

👩‍🎨 Side project/hobby

👄 Hearing from coworkers

#3D Modeling #Cinema 4D #Rhinoceros 3D

#Sustainable Design #Rhinoceros 3D #Exhibition

#Illustration #Procreate #Digital Drawing

#After Effect #Animation #Illustration

Nov 2020-Jan 2021

Sam Monac  

Chief Operating Officer

@Token Metrics and Panimate

"When given a task, Solji goes above and beyond."

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Solji is a devoted, passionate, hard-working team player that works very well with everyone on the team. Her agile prototyping skills bring about quick turn around time on many prototype designs each week. This agile prototyping allows Panimate to test many design ideas and cherry-pick the best ones. When given a task, Solji goes above and beyond. She's a pleasure to work with, learns quickly, and will be an asset to any company lucky enough to hire her.

Nov 2020-Jan 2021

Greg Zanchelli

CTO @Panimate

"Solji is valuable; any company will be lucky to have hired her!"

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Solji is motivated; always eager to get started on a design. Solji is persistent; not afraid to tackle challenges as they emerge. Solji is dependable; always meets deadlines. Solji is exceptional; her work consistency surpasses expectations. Solji is talented; her work is unique to her artistic brilliance. Solji is involved; she communicates clearly and effectively. Solji is valuable; any company will be lucky to have hired her!

Jan 2021-May 2021
Paul Taylor
Engineering Intern
@ezCybersecurity Systems

"Her talent in design as well as her consistency make her a pleasure to work with"

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I have been impressed by Solji's work ethic and leadership over the past few months at eCS. She leads by example, often contributing to meetings and not hesitating to organize check-ins to share progress. Solji proved her ability to rapidly create quality prototypes when she developed new designs for a product web portal in a matter of weeks. Her talent in design as well as her consistency make her a pleasure to work with.

🤓 More Projects

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Light Library

Interior design, Planning, Branding | Architecture

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Expanding Storytelling to Design  PDF 

Research, Design Method |

UW MDes 2021, Design Thesis


Universal Design Guideline

Design Research, Universal Design | Book

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