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​There was a one - year reading study club in the graduate laboratory.


The three researchers have been read and shared a variety of books and films in the reading club, as well as found insights through them.


As a result, we could make a book which has been combined all these insights and ideas into the book.


01 Categorizing Things

I have combined books and movies of various kinds and themes with the insights I have gained. Through this process, we were able to create experiences that made a meaningful information from large and vast amount of data.

Books let you see the past and see the future, and its indirect experiences lead you to think differently. In other words, books and movies let us to have eyes that read the world.

Below is the name of the table I shared.

Prologue. 0. Open the book

Book. 1. Read the world through                    reading

1.1 Read history

1.2 Read differently

1.3 Read future

Movie. 2. Read the world through                    movies

Epilogue. 3. Getting know about                           reading


02 The contents

    of the book

Instead of simply writing the contents of books and movies, I tried to visualize the insights that I felt to make other people feel at a glance.

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