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ezAccess Control List

ezCybersecurity Systems, Jan - May 2021

ezCybersecurity Systems is Boston base SAAS startup. During my internship at eCS, I worked as a lead UX designer.

Under the goal of cybersecurity, eCS provides many products. I made a brand guideline binding many products in strong brand identity and built ezACL(ez Access Control List) laptop app within 5 months.


Lead UX designer


5 months


Company Goal

One Identity
Multiple Products

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eCS Brand Book.jpg

The brand book makes the company's identity stable, and various products that will be provided in the future blend well with the company's identity.

To achieve this, I build three principles. I was continuously using easy and intuitive icons while increasing reliability to the company using angular lines and binding products on the same page.

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[Company BrandBook]

  BrandBook Full Version


eCS: Cybersecurity Systems


ezACL: Access Control Lists

ezVPN: Virtual Private Network

ezR&D: Research and Development

ezDNS: Domain Name Systems

ezNGF: Next Generation Firewall

eCS logo.jpg
ezACL logo.jpg
ezVPN logo.jpg
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Laptop App Design Goal

But Easy-to-use

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Design Direction

Smooth User's Key Task

The purpose of the app is to filter dangerous IP addresses.
To achieve this goal, the AI of the eCS scores a malicious IP address and categorizes the factors of them. In this process, the IP manager, the main user of our product, creates and manages new rules for skipping risky IPs. 

[Clipboard System]

When creating new filtering rules, you can easily save and drag tags/factors of IPs on the clipboard.


[Live Banner]

You can always open a live banner on whatever page to track the real-time number and situation of risky IPs.

Design Direction

Add Company Identity

The original design did not reveal the company's unique identity and was too monotonous.

The new app design has applied a color palette with a dark navy color that increases reliability and logo set according to the company's brand book.


ezACL logo mark & Color Palette

image 1.jpg

Original App Design

Frame 14.jpg

ezACL New Laptop App


Hearing from Coworkers

아바타 (95)

Sully Malik  
Founder & CEO
@ezCybersecurity Systems

"Solji is a remarkable designer whose skill can translate across virtually any medium."

Solji Lee is a remarkable designer whose skill can translate across virtually any medium. She was our design intern and team lead (we had a junior design intern as well) for an entire semester, and she did a spectacular job. She lead her team, communicated with leadership regularly, and never hesitated to turn down feedback. Ultimately the semester culminated in a number of successful projects, from rebranding to product UX/UI remodeling all done with a high level of effort. Solji is an asset and will serve any future company she works with very well.

아바타 (86)

Shun Mok Bhark
Software Architect 
ezCybersecurity Systems

"Solji is an asset to any company working with her."

Solji has been a pleasure to work with at ECS. Her creative solutions in developing a user centric and modern designs was truly admirable. Her work always surpassed expectations and consistently blew us away at the level of details, effort and thought she put into it. She is a great communicator and not afraid to share her thoughts. She is an asset to any company working with her.

아바타 (85)

Paul Taylor
Engineering Intern
@ezCybersecurity Systems

"Her talent in design as well as her consistency make her a pleasure to work with"

I have been impressed by Solji's work ethic and leadership over the past few months at eCS. She leads by example, often contributing to meetings and not hesitating to organize check-ins to share progress. Solji proved her ability to rapidly create quality prototypes when she developed new designs for a product web portal in a matter of weeks. Her talent in design as well as her consistency make her a pleasure to work with.

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