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Hello, I'm Solji Lee ;)

I love to solve problems in society that are deeply rooted in the people by the insight which is driven through research findings, quantitative data and multiple sights understanding the world. And I believe Design is the most effective and beautiful tool for creating a solution. 


To make it possible, I enjoy crossing the boundaries of different fields and persuade to be a cross-disciplinary designer and a Renaissance woman. I dream to create a positive impact on society and change the world in a good way.



I'm currently studying Master of Design (MDes) at the University of Washington, Seattle. Before UW, I studied UX design and worked as a researcher in Public design field. 

During my free time, I love getting to know about different fields such as statistics, editing, coding. Also, I regularly share my works on my account. You can see my various and steady interesting about Design and the society in Dribbble

If you'd like to know more about what I'm doing, learning and thinking about, come and take a look at my resume and portfolio.

Feb 2018-Jul 2019

Design Researcher 

@Korean Society of Public Design


Participate in a variety of user research to create city guidelines and help to make the insight from data-driven research.

Writing a Paper on 'Improvement of Smoking Booths'

Feb 2017-Oct 2018

Assistant Researcher @Konkuk Univ. Seoul

Helping teach public officials to improve design awareness. Conducting research, graphic design, and planning in various national subcontracting projects.

Sep-Dec 2017

Interior Architecture Intern

@ HED Urban Studio, Seoul


Branding commercial spaces such as hair shops and reading rooms, and designing furniture and interiors appropriate for the brand.

Toward Renaissance Woman

Renaissance people understand and know the whole of society, and get know problems and solutions that others are not aware of with that wide perspective.  Designers, who are interested in the problems of the world and need to come up with solutions, must be able to diagnose society with that wider perspective.

So I want to be a renaissance type of human being.



Dog Health Care Application

(School Team Prj.)

Creating an easy and affordable approach to managing pet’s health for pet owners by making application named ‘Medi-Dog’. To know the exact needs of society and make an appropriate application we used various research methods.


Guideline Design for UD city

(Practical Prj. | Korea District Office)

Design Guideline which makes our daily life in the city comfortable and possible for everyone. 
Working on this project as RA of Konkuk Univ. and I do various research such as field research and shadowing visualizing the guideline.

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