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Konkuk Univ.

Prof Kang lab.

(Contribution 70%)


I commissioned a logo to promote the child-friendly city in Gwangjin-gu, Seoul.

We designed a logo that is friendly, bright and trustworthy to children.


01 Basic Survey

Gwangjin-gu logo survey

The blue, white, and green colors represent the natural environment and vibrant image of the glacier with mountains and water.


Child-Friendly City Logo Survey

These show mainly children 's free-spirited and creative features, expressed in bright colors and various forms.


Child-Friendly City Keyword Derived

As a child-friendly city, we have summarized the elements to be equipped and extracted keywords.


We also extracted the symbolic colors and used them in my logo design.


02 Logo Design


I used the representative colors that can show the characteristics of Gwangjin-gu alone and the initial G of Gwangjin-gu.

The shape used the face of the child to show the children's free-will and creativity.

  • The first logo symbolizes the figure of a child wearing a hat.

  • The second logo is reminiscent of Lego with a small module shaped like a face.

  • The third logo symbolizes flexible children's thinking with organic lines.

자산 21.png
자산 11.png
자산 3.png

Final Design

Concept of Logo


Just like the above-mentioned concept, we combined initial 'G' which represent Gwangjin-gu and sprout image that can represent children.


As a result, we have designed the final logo by combining images that can raise confidence as a city that can raise these children well. In addition, the background of this image was divided into multiple angles to show children 's creativity and growth potential.

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