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Creating an easy and affordable approach to managing the pet's health for pet owners.

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Konkuk Univ.

School project


3 Design Undergraduates



UX/UI designer


3 months

00 Overview

Problem &

Design Questions

"Is your puppy okay today?"

There is no way to keep our pet's health, check their condition, and get essential information about pet for people who raise pet first time or who are too busy to check their pet during work time.


How to take care?



How to educate?



How to communicate?



Solution & Goals

Pet Health Care Application

by connecting with daily pet items


 Health Care 


[Main content]

Providing basic health care information for pet owners and making close connection with a veterinarian


 Basic Knowledge 


[Sub Board]

Sharing and providing rules and ways to educate dogs.


 Social Networking 


[Additional function]

Meet your neighbors with dogs. It helps you and your dog to become healthier.

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01 Design Process


02 Defining Project



Affinity diagram

Conducting a survey on pet owners by the keyword 'Dog'.


Answers could be categorized by positive and negative keywords.

Through positive keywords, we figure out that people care about their pets as kids. And through negative keywords, we know that their major anxious is about health.


자산 1.png
자산 2.png


& Value Map

I investigated and analyzed the relationship with people and groups who had a relationship with a dog.

Finding their needs for the app based on the above value map and survey. I discovered and applied what information would be helpful to these stakeholders.

자산 3.png


Imagine the situation for the most likely users of the app to expect.


Through this, the user finds needs that he or she did not know and finds a problem.


Through the above process, discover new insights and add them to your app.

자산 14.png

03 Setting a goal

자산 22.png

Application Features

design goal

By using this App, it is possible to understand the basic information of the dog in real time by linking various items (rice bowl, water bowl, neck line, and bathtub, etc.) necessary for taking care of the dog. For example, amount of activity, amount of feed, amount of water, and so on.

Therefore, it is easier to manage the health status of the dog, and moreover, it is easier to diagnose the condition and the situation of the dog at the animal hospital in case of a health problem.

In addition, it is also possible to communicate with other dog owners, which is a common sense to diagnose simple health problems.

자산 5.png

Scenario + Swimlane

자산 23.png

Information Architecture

자산 4.png

Interactive Motion

We have chosen an interaction method to get information in the most intuitive way.

The way to turn the page was made possible by simple push action.

Also, I found an intuitive interaction method to get information about the dog by touching the abnormal part by placing the dog's figure on the main screen.

자산 21.png

Low-fidelity Prototype

자산 6.png

04 Prototype


Using a soft brown color, the first-time user can have a familiar feeling.

In addition, simple screen layout by ordering importance of information and applying, so that information can be retrieved easily and quickly.

Hi-fidelity Prototype

There are two big theme in the app [MEDI DOG].


Health Care and SNS

Thanks to the app, which is connecting with pet care stuffs, you can check your dog's health directly. Plus, the app records the comments or alarms from vets.

Furthermore, you can communicate with other dog owners. This is really meaningful function. Because dogs (of course, humans) are social animals which means socializing strongly affects a health.


[Health Care]


05 Conclusion


the awareness of pets 


Today, we raise animals as friends and family and receive comfort from them. But there are a lot of sad happenings in a state of lack of understanding about them.

From the moment we meet the dogs, to the processes they grow older and mature and suffer due to lack understanding of them.

Improving their curiosity and raising awareness about dogs can lead to many social and economic effects.


For example, economically, it is possible to realize welfare that prevents time-wasting monetary loss caused by misunderstandings or misunderstandings, and socially depressed people through a dog-friend.


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