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Product Design, UX Design,
User Research, Agile Management


Motion2AI is a warehouse operation management servicer from digitizing warehouses with a camera vision sensor to suggesting operational insight on how to improve productivity



Product Team
: UX Designer (me) + PM (1)

Aug 2021 - Current  (1 y 6 months)

Performance Overview

Design Decision Making based on Qualitative/Quantitative User Data


User Interview, A/B test


Google Analytics, Minimum Click User Flow

Increase understanding of Motion2AI identity

External Materials:

Company Homepage, Company Introduction Videos

Internal Materials: 

Product Architecture, User Persona Document

Agile Design Management

Dynamic Project Management

Rapid Prototyping

Team-wide Communication

Warehouse Operation Dashboard

Design Example

It's confidential Information.

Please contact me for more details

User-centric Design

Collect Qualitative/Quantitative User Data


  • User Interview

  • A/B test


  • Google Analytics

  • Minimum Click Design

Better understanding of Motion2AI

Company Homepage

External Understand

Sturucturize Hompage in user perspective

- Conversation Storytelling

- User-centric Information Architecture

 : Features user can take from company's product/ service

 : Use case that user can adapt to their case

Sum up company's tech, service, and stakeholders in an ecosystem.

Homepage Link

External/Internal Understand

Media & Infographics

[Materials for External Use]


  • Company Introduction view

  • Product Demo Video

    • Digital Twin

    • Optimal Routing

    • Productivity Assistant

Brochure / Leaflet/ Case Study

[Materials for Internal Use]


  • Service Map

  • Vision Map

  • Ecosystem

User Persona

Internal Understand

Research Process

  1.  Empathize 

    • Categorize stakeholders, warehouse types, etc

    • Create sample user persona with current primary clients' information

  2.  Define 

    • Interview & define two primary user personas

    • Match customer needs/pain points to ​company's service/feature

  3.  Prioritize 

    • Prioritize ​each persona group's feature, needs, pain points, and behavior

  4.  Application 

    • Create persona requirements table

    • Build able-to-fill-up-design ticket document​

Agile Design Management

Manage dynamic projects

- Write and follow the north-star of each projects using Design ticket

- Quarterly manage design projects using Notion

Create quickly

- Quickly iterate design process "wireframe-prototyping-user test" by using Figma

Communicate with various teams

- Notion: document changes and feedbacks

- Monday: tracking progress/status

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