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Panimate App

Panimate, Nov 2020-Jan 2021

During my internship at Panimate, I worked as a solo UX designer, embedded on the animate gift card team with a handful of engineers, project managers, and marketers.

Using Panimate's technology to image voice data in real time, Building a personal video card production app for anniversaries.


Solo UX designer


2 months


Company Goal

Extend the reach of real-time voice imaging technology

Panimate believe that AI/ML technology, that visualizes voice, can change the world. For example, Panimate provides visual materials during lecture by imaging the speaker's words in real time. Panimate is both a company name and a verb that visualizes voice data in real-time

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The Design Goal/App

Less Work,

More Emotion

How to design App that reduces user workload but intuitive enough which is easy to follow the steps?

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Step 0

Animate Interaction

Step 1

Create Script

Using Familiar Interface

(Marketer's Side)

Innovative App with aesthetic design but easy to use with familiar interfaces.


Step 2

Add Voice

Step 3


Personal Photo

Reduce the number of App pages (Developer's Side)

Shorten the process as much as possible to reduce workload for users but also good to build a fewer bug App 



Video is ready!

Deliver your warm heart to your lover.

Created by Sam Moniac


1. Completed Final app design within 2 months

2. Reduced first-time users' app learning time 

"When given a task, Solji goes above and beyond."

by Sam Monac  

CEO @ Panimate

First-users made their own video ( mother's day animation letter) within 10 minutes. 10+ minutes reduced compared to the original version.

Agile prototype

Targeted User

Young, Emotional & Neutral

Panimate starts to broad the usage of technology with fun apps.


Panimate App I am working on is It is a video card production app that can give a big impression with individual images and voices on anniversaries such as Mother's Day and Christmas.


It has a neutral and light image to enhance accessibility for anyone.

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Analyzing the existing workflow

Too less information to Complete tasks on each steps

Previous Workflow

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Workflow Goal

Keep Simple with Self-describing Interface

New Workflow

Efforts were made to provide more help while maintaining overall linearity task flow and not increasing the pages of each task to facilitate the development environment. A pop-up window was created to give help or control settings without leaving a page.

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Design Method

3 Design Iterations

within 2 months

Learning from real users with agile prototype

Figma, Principle, Adobe Illustrator, etc

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Design Application

Goes along with Design Identity

Design System Summary

Web Page Design

Banner Design

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