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자산 15.png

01 Concept of the space

자산 411.png

A conceptual space where you can select the appropriate amount of light by changing the shape of the roof depending on the direction and intensity of the sun rising and falling.


This space is for meditation and time alone. You can enter the space along the long corridor and enjoy a unique roof shape and harmony.


Inside the space, the floor and the roof are stepped to make the space and the sun harmoniously.

자산 255.png

02 Studying light

자산 355.png

The image on the left is at sunset.


The sunshine at sunset in the western sky penetrates deeply into space, illuminating the space and creating a quiet atmosphere.


In addition, you can meditate while watching the sunset through the huge window.

The image on the right is at sunrise.


You can select the morning sun rising from the east, which drives out the darkness and illuminates the world.


The innermost space is low and the ceiling is blocked, the light is small, and the intermediate space illuminates the space with appropriate light by the light that flows into the gap of the ceiling. The outer space of the highest ceiling fills the most light.

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