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01 Comparing Typeface

Studying and getting know about the transition of the font style according to the age.


In addition, I could study more deeply through the design process which compares the face of each font in detail and emphasizes its features.

For example, a right image shows that Futura and Univers have different weight and proportion despite these fonts are being classified in the same category.


A left image shows that Centaur and Garamond have different angle and elaboration and this difference emphasized by the trim. 

자산 2.png

02 Poster Design

Visualizing Changes in Typefaces According to History

​Classifying types of fonts according to its shape and detail. And I study together the socially influential events which have affected the font change as above. I am able to get a deeper understanding by designing a poster that shows the above information at a glance.

The horizontal axis is the type of the font.

The vertical axis represents the flow of time.

Also, by comparing the upper case and lower case of each typeface's letter 'A', the morphological characteristics of each typeface are compared.​

자산 5.png
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