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The City

For Everyone

UD Guideline

Make the guideline to improve our daily life in the city comfortable and possible for everyone.



Konkuk Univ. UX lab, research team (4)

3 assistant researchers + 1 lead professor


Assistant Researcher,

Visual designer


10 months

00 Overview

Problem &

Design Questions

  "How to manage city infrastructure for everyone quickly and accurately?"  


Guideline & Checklist

Pilot project

01 What I did

Research Methods

  • Field research

  • FGI: focus group interview

  • Diagram used on proposal presentation

Research Visualization

  • Illustrate architecture on the Guideline using 3D modeling software

  • Guideline layout design


02 What I learnt

Social Impact of Design

Universal Design 

Working with governmental officials

Able to see how the design results were actually used and directly affected society directly.

Having responsibility and ownership of my design result

The design for the vulnerable population can be the one for everyone.

The average person can't be anyone, but the most marginalized underdog can be anyone.

Able to interview various experts and citizens and realize a public-interest design.

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