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Healthcare, AI, Blockchain | Microsoft Design Expo






Anonymous + Accessible Teletherapy Ecosystem

Microsoft Design Expo 2020



Design Expo 2020


UW, Seattle

MDes 2021

(4 design graduates)


Researcher, UX/UI designer, Animator


4 months

00 Overview

Problem &

Design Question

How can we design a future mental health care system solving spatial, temporal, linguistic, or cost-related constraints?

Design Solution

A blockchain health data cloud


AI assistant


01 Quick Preview

Here is blockchain health data ecosystem provides minimum barrier accessibility but maximum security

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AI assistant Viva

is your interpreter translating your medical data even if you lack medical knowledge

is the most approaching counsler who keeps your privacy and continuous mental therapy.

Your token number is your only personal information to be exposed.

Variety options of virtual characters keep patients' privacy, such as gender, age, race, etc., as much as desired, while revealing the nonverbal information needed for counseling.

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Viva will be your closest friend and hotline who supports ongoing counseling anytime, anywhere, in any media.

Project Goal

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Private care


where undocumented immigrants, a considerable part of American society, can get comfortable psychiatric treatment.


A telemedicine system decreasae time & space barrier


allows people who burden with visiting hospitals because of covid 19, people who are hard to have multiple meetings because of lack of time.


AI assistants


who can explain their health conditions and history and help patients to receive accurate care even if they lack medical knowledge


Low-tech person

A remote medical system that can cover people without technology like smartphones.

02 Research

Research Summary


Competitors analyzed


User survey results recorded


Medical Expert Interview


Rounds of user journey testing

User Survey

(25 people/ age 30-60 / 4 nations)

Key Insights


70%+ of users are positive about telemedicine
: There has been a recent global change in perception caused by COVID-19

80%+ of telemedicine users are satisfied
: Patients were able to answer more candidly because they could
save time and reduce the burden on face-to-face

Psychiatric care satisfaction was high
: Psychiatric care is suitable for telemedicine because it is important to explain the situation honestly and continuously, resulting from anonymity.

Expect more telemedicine in the future

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Collect key answers on Miro board

Experts Interview

Healthcare Providers
(5 doctors/ Primary doctor, Psychiatrist, etc)

Key Insights


Positive about the possibility of telemedicine
Time saving
- Continuous additional medical treatment
- Rural areas can also benefit of high quality medicine

But the severe problems exist.
There must be a part that needs to be promoted.
License issues for new skills
- How to learn new technology from doctor side
Legal limitations

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User Journey Analyze

image (3).png
image (2).png

Check this miro board to see the user journey and keyword map in detail

02 Concept Development

Golden Path User Journey

Instagram Post - 5.png

Story board Development

Instagram Post - 6.png

Graphical Interface Development

Instagram Post - 8.png
Instagram Post - 9.png

Announce to the Public

Untitled picture1.png

3 Rounds of Draft Pitch

In front of two UX designers from Microsoft

Untitled picture.png

Final Pitch @ MS Design Expo

Speaker: Worldwide Seven Design Teams (above bachelor level)


- MS employees in variety of fields such as health care, design, AI/ML, etc

- 2,000+ audience


How do people acquire communication devices?


How much information do users reveal and hind for personal privacy during video calls?


Extend medical and physical help after remote consultation is possible?


Accessibility of visual systems for visually impaired people

Key Reflection Points from audience

03 Reflection

01 How to Get Communication Device

Provides a variety of approaches other than smartphone apps

You can borrow communications equipment from vending machines on the street with high anonimity

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02 Privacy VS Medical Information

Information required for accurate diagnosis (optional):

-Use 2D characters to cover your face during video calls
- Detailed elements of a character: Can not set resemble gender, age, race, etc.
- Provides an entirely neutral character: no clues to guess identity like hair, accessory, etc
-Imitate your expression in real-time or not

03 Further Medical Support Beyond telemedicine

-Medicine prescription
: Drug prescriptions are only available to licensed physicians and can be ordered.

So, Viva provide certified medical facility 

-Community meeting
: If you'd like to have a group meeting or field consultation beyond the phone, here's an expert certified by Viva.

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04 Accessible Visual System

Viva's design system uses high saturation and brightness contrast in colors and legible typefaces to help people with weak colors and low eyesight

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Instagram Post - 14.png

04 What I learnt

Future of Health Care

Be aware of the limitations of different health care systems and laws across different states/nations.

Start to think how telemedicine would be applied to the future healthcare industry

Understanding Blockchain System

Understand the concept of a block chain that many own segmented information.

Used Blockchain as a means of achieving full privacy which is a big challenge in the medical industry.

Artificial Intelligent's possibility

Understand the roles and functions that AI can perform.

Mainly, natural language communication frees communication with patients who lack medical expertise.

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